She began in 2011 , the first song she recorded and posted was on a music site for independent artist/music .


Msz Jkush has an interesting sound – it’s an eclectic mixture of rap, hip hop, pop and a hint of electronic. She produce her own music which showcase clean vocals, impressive production and sly instrumentation. 

This artist has great directions, she balances between being a rapper and singer all in one. Innovation is very prevalent throughout her records, and everyone can’t wait to hear more from this aspiring artist – her innate ability to take risks in her music is genius .

She's has moved on to better things since 2011 with her debut single , I Am Myself (including 2 songs) - Get Up & Dance and her lastest single called ''Okay'' . 

" My debut album / EP should be out this fall, i'm excited to share my new music's with my fans. " Msz Jkush says .


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Her artist name pronounced ( m-i-sz . j-kush ) know as Msz Jkush , the letter I is silent , its sound like Miss but it's Misz .