Frequently Asked Questions :


P.S :  Please read Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don't see what you're looking for or information missed, senD a message at : info@mszjkush.com .



Do the picture you post on the site are yours ?

A: YES but .. some of them from other sites that i'll put the link on.


When will you're app be RE-available ?

A:  Since the company that was published my app is now closed and change, i'm working on my app actually -- if you'll like to stay in touch , send me a ( tweet here ) . 




A:  There's is a lot in my fav list but i'll mention 2 of them, i like The Violet Heart and Pizza emoji, ect.  :)


ON Which social media platforms YOU USE THE MOST?

A : I'm not using all of it at the same time (..depend.) but if you'll like to say hello , reach or contact me well you know what to do just follow me on  TwitterInstagram or like my Facebook page .