Black Euphoria

'' It's begin in the middle of December 2016 and January 2017.. this year ''

Taking some pictures of me posing + wearing a Faux Fur Sweater, it's was a calm day instead of the cold snow .. I wanted to wear something different by looking at some style inspo for the season and mixed up sweater + jeans / dress + boots colors and ect..  but I try this one and voilà  the preview . For my Make-Up Face look it's the same base that I recently posted here , but for my 👄  I used the NEW Super Lustrous Revlon lipstick -- "Black Cherry" 🍒  by Revlon (of course) , you can buy here  to find it .  *If you did catch my insta stories , you'll seen that I filmed the look . 

C1ZztidWIAAyHKk (2).jpg


The name of the sweater I wore .. it's a Black Faux Fur 'Glitter' Sweater . 

If you go shopping and try to measured this sweater in 'example' you start to scratch your arm well it's maybe kind-of meaning that you're skin is sensitive to this  « Faux Fur » .


• To get the same sweater as I wore on the picture you can shop at :


+ Nasty Gal

-  Modish

.. BTW : (what I wore on the picture it's only a black faux fur sweater (+ jeans)  , and not a sweater dress. )  Just mention that for you not getting confused when you click on the second link!

K.O.L.L.W.I.W    , the word means : Kind of Look Like What I Wore .. on my 📷 .


+ WetSeal 


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- M. 

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