Cool vibes

Hello.. been awhile since there was a post writing here

so for today's post.. (just seeing now that it's the last day of February , WHAT!).. as you can see the title post 'Cool vibes' - I decided to share with you ''the readers'' what look, products, clothes I used for this picture and you can create/recreate this as you want!. I wanted to mix the black and purple color as you see on the picture below (Black sweater, Purple lips). *Yes my lipstick color is purple but the light makes it look Red. .*


For this post: ''To check out if the items is available to purchase or see if it's 'Sold Out', just pass the mouse on the picture item you wanna take a look (upstairs) + you'll see the name mark of each one of it. Click on one of theses to buy.''

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